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Privacy policy

Lookup Legal collects information when visitors or users interact with the website. This privacy policy is offered as a guide to help you understand the nature of information collected and how Lookup Legal might use such information.

Means of collection

Lookup Legal collects information through two primary means. FIrst, we collect information submitted directly by the user, including during registration, form submission, purchase of services, and more. Second, we collect information through the use of various web technologies, including cookies, web logs, analytics services, and other means.

Limit information collected

Lookup Legal by default collects information in the methods mentioned previously. Individual users can limit the information provided in the following ways:

  • You may cancel or deactivate your account.
  • You may update communication preferences in your account settings.
  • You can stop email communications by following instructions in those emails.
  • Cookies can be managed from browser controls

Personal information

Lookup Legal understands the importance of protecting the privacy and security of persons who use our website. We use personal information gathered to improve our offerings and services, provide relevant communications, and protect our properties. While Lookup Legal takes measures to protect personal information, data shared over the internet should be carefully considered before submission. Users of this website are the sole persons responsible for maintaining the secrecy of account passwords and shared information.

Sharing of information 

Lookup Legal does not sell or provide your personal information to third parties unaffiliated with this site. User information is only shared when consent is provided. An exception to this rule includes circumstances where the provision of information is required by law. For more information or inquiries use the information on our about page